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At Lower Niagara Adventures, we know what travel means to you. If you’re planning to visit the beautiful town of Niagara, get ready to witness one of nature’s most enthralling wonders. Whether you’re an adventure junkie or a nature lover, Niagara has something to show for everyone!

From the falls to the fort, from towering heights to splendid theatres

Niagara is the land of endless fun

We provide you with exclusive deals and coupons for Jet Boat Tours, sightseeing, Restaurants and hotels in Niagara. We make sure that your trip is comfortable as well as reasonably priced.

Join us to experience everything wonderful so that you can make the most of Niagara.

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Travel with ease!

With Lower Niagara Adventures, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your trip while we take care of all your tour

24/7 Support

We take care of your entire tour and ensure that you face no hurdles in your Tours. We are available to solve all your tour related queries 24/7.

Exclusive Hotels

We give you deals from the best hotels in the town so that you can enjoy the a comfortable stay on your vacation.

Flight Deals

We keep you aware of all the latest air travel deals so that you can plan your trip affordably.

Jet Boat tours

We plan exclusive Whirlpool Jet Boat Adventure tours over Niagara falls. For most people, this is the best part of the tour. We make sure that you experience it too!


When you’re in Niagara, it’s our duty to show you around. We take you to all the best places of the city so that you don’t miss out on a single adventure.

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